Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Info on New Iphone

Breaking News on the iphone set to be released in 2009

The UK mobile phone network O2 who has had the exclusivity agreement with Apple and its iPhone might be about to end in 2009. This could be a huge blow to Telefonica-owned O2, as having the iPhone smartphone as an exclusive has been key to its success.
You have to wonder if O2 had already knew that Apple were thinking of allowing other UK networks the right to offer the iPhone, as they have since signed a deal with Palm to offer its Prehandset. IT Pro Portal reports that the agreement between O2 and Apple was not meant to run out until 2011, but it looks as though rivals in the UK are going to push Apple on the matter.
The iPhone has proved popular in the two years that it has been available in the UK, and offering the handset to more than one carrier willl be a big boost for Apple in these troubling times. Apple have seen a reduction in profits in key areas of its business, it is the sales of the Apple iPhone that has helped give them a steady income, so offering the new iPhone to other carriers in the UK could be the best decision that they have ever made.

Iphone of 2009

New 2009 iPhone and mobile video chat

Apple looks set to release the best iPhone yet; there have been so many rumors about what the new smartphone will offer in the summer of 2009. One such rumor is that the new iPhone will offer mobile video chat capability, which is supported by MMS.
The list of specs keeps growing each day; some of the other rumored specs will be a massive blow to the Palm Pre. One of the best new features is that Apple are dropping the 8GB model in favor of the 16GB and upping the higher storage model to 32GB. Computerworld have raised a good question, why “doesn’t Apple have an expansion card slot for unlimited storage capability.”
Apple might have missed out on something here, if the new iPhone will now come with video capability, then users will be storing huge amounts of date on their handsets. Unlimited storage capability is a must.

Yet to be Best Iphone

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