Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vince Young

Vince young lost his starting position last season to Kerry Collins, who brought the Titans to the playoffs. Who was a free agent but was re-signed in the off season, but as it seems Kerry will remain the Titans starter. But Vince Young told everyone through Baltimore television station, that if he wasn't starting for the Titans as quarterback. He wants to find another team that will accept his talent as a starting quarterback.

"I definitely want to get back out there playing ball and picking up where I left off, winning games and having a good time with my teammates and with the fans," Young told WMAR-TV, according to an account of the interview in the Tennessean. "... At the same time, if [the Titans] don't want me to be in there, it's time for me to make a career change for myself." --Vince Young

Young shouldn't be so sure. His stock around the NFL has reach a nadir, and it's unlikely there are any teams just waiting to hand him the keys to the franchise. With a , huge scheduled raise coming in 2010 Young seems likely to be looking for a job next off-season.

Young would be well served to work hard, shut his yapper again, and wait for Collins' inevitable decline. While he may no longer be the future in Tennessee, Young's best chance to rehab his value and "play ball" again will be with the Titans this year.

Until he steps on the field again, there will remain a lot of questions about Young's game, especially his accuracy and decision making. But there are even more concerns about his maturity level. Comments like this won't help.


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