Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger woods

December 12: Tiger Woods updates: tiger woods quit golf and Tiger Woods women list photos. If reports are to be believed, Tiger Woods has given in to pressure of his romance and sexual relationship s with so many women. He has taken a long break from golf and I am sure we may not be able to see him playing golf for at least several months.

Tiger Woods must be under tremendous pressure for his extramarital affairs.

Every day there is some new angle that comes to fore about him. New email messages, text messages and photographs are released to media by his one time soul mates.

In the meantime the 29-year-old Swedish stunner Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods, is ready to put her husband’s steamy past behind just for the sake of family and her two children: a girl and boy - Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months.

Reports surfacing in national media reveal that Elin Nordegren, who had blasted her husband for philandering with porn stars, has softened. Now she has changed her mind of snapping relationship with the golfer.

But things are looking to calm down for the couple and they are even planning to fly to a private island near Sweden.

This is good news for Tiger’s hard-core fans. They would be able to see their star in public, who had gone into hiding after the crash.

Many say that other reasons for not making public appearance is that he was hit by his wife after the controversy surfaced. Family insiders say that a fight erupted between the couple. Elin had gone furious and tossed a cell phone at his face, breaking a tooth.

But people feel that all this will be past. “The challenge for Tiger Woods is to really understand what women feel when they are betrayed,” said celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow.

“Maybe it’s not about keeping endorsements, but keeping his family together. If he learns that, it would make him a much better man - eventually.”

Meanwhile Tiger Woods, one of the world's most famous athletes, is taking an indefinite break from professional golf to "repair the damage" he's done with marital infidelities, Woods said on his website.

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